The development known as the Sunbird Golf and Wildlife Estate is situated in the Waterberg mountain range in the Limpopo Province on 600 hectares of pristine land only 3 kilometres from Thabazimbi, close to the Marakele National Park.  The area is free of malaria and being situated within the well-known Waterberg mountain range, it provides for spectacular residential sites and a diversity of wildlife, indigenous trees, shrubs and other vegetation.

The indigenous wildlife is and will be carefully conserved in a great natural environment where the rainfall varies between 450 and 750 millimetres per year, mainly in summer and autumn. Sunbird summers are normally warm and the winter days sunny followed by crisp cool nights where frost is rare.

With the Thabazimbi airstrip only 4000 metres away and only two-and-a-half hours' drive north of Pretoria, easy access is assured.

Sunbird is an excellent investment opportunity not to be repeated soon due to its many advantages including generous property sizes and affordable stand prizes.

The development once completed will comprise of the following:

  • World Class Golf Course
  • Clubhouse/ Possible Hotel
  • Golf & Country Club
  • 50 Wildlife Residential Stands
  • 462 Residential Stands

The developer has assembled a first class team to oversee all aspects of creating and managing this premier eco and golf estate development.

The team have made the most of the undulating topography by positioning each of the 462 residential and 50 wildlife stands to cater for various tastes and preferences.

As is evident from the site plan, more than two thirds of the stands have golf course frontage and many others will front on parks and the bushveld. Stands are screened from the fairways by bushveld and big trees to ensure privacy for owners and to enhance the open wildlife feel. Only one dwelling house and associated outbuildings may be erected on each stand while the height of buildings shall not exceed two stories.

For more information as well as stand sizes, please go to "Site Plan" and "Purchase Info" on this website.

Emphasis will be placed on the aesthetics of the development. Although the developer encourages the natural development of dwellings, certain architectural guidelines will apply in order for the development to blend in with the environment.

Sunbird Homeowners Association

The Sunbird Homeowners' Association will be established prior to the registration of any transfers. The Association will ensure that residents live in a harmonious and secure environment and that all improvements on the Estate are strictly controlled. All registered owners of properties will be members of the Association.

During the development period, the developer will actively manage the Association according to certain measures put in place to ensure that proper financial control can be exercised.

Home owners will be required to pay levies for the services provided on the Estate including maintenance and upkeep of roads, public areas, the golf course and all other essential services.

The initial levy amount due from date of registration will be R750.00 but will be subject to change as determined by the Association/members at General Meetings. Levies payable per stand by residential owners will be equal irrespective of the size of the stands.

After the development period the Association will:

  • Be responsible for the approval of all improvements, future alterations, extensions or renovations to all properties forming part of the development;
  • Retain/acquire ownership of all roads and services and will maintain such services, roads and road reserves;
  • implement and maintain security measures and systems to control access to the Estate.

Please go to "Purchase Info" and then to "Articles of Association", "House rules" and "Agreement of Sale" on this website for more information. Take note that due to the new Companies Bill which will come into operation towards the end of 2010, the Articles of Association will have to be amended.

Architectural & Building Controls

In order to create a development which is architecturally cohesive, controls will exist to ensure that individual home designs comply with the Architectural Guidelines Design Criteria.

There will be a restriction in terms of dwelling size. No dwelling may be smaller that 150 square metres which will include all outbuildings.

Fences are permitted provided they are designed in accordance with the Architectural Guidelines.

In order to reduce inconvenience to residents of the Estate, owners will be required to complete the building of their dwellings within 12 (twelve) months from date of commencement of construction.

All improvements and alterations on erven on the Estate must comply with the Architectural and Landscape Design Criteria.

Please go to "Purchase Info" and then to "Architectural Guidelines" for more information.


The entire Estate will be surrounded by an electrified fence (where possible due to steep cliffs) which will be monitored by an appointed security company.

There will be two electronically controlled gates to the Estate and access will be controlled by the appointed security company. One gate will be for the exclusive use of the residents and visiting golfers while the second gate will be for the wildlife lodges/homes etc.

Golf Club Membership

Membership of the Sunbird Golf and Country Club will be optional.

One third of the levies payable to the Association by members will be allocated for the upkeep of the golf course.


Water provision:

Water will be provided by the municipality of Thabazimbi via a reservoir to be built on site at the cost of the developer.

All stands will be receiving water via the Sunbird water infrastructure which infrastructure will be supplied by water from the reservoir. Normal Municipal water rates will apply.

Electricity provision:

Electricity will be supplied by ESCOM at a designated connection point from where electricity will be supplied underground to each and every stand.

Stand owners will become ESKOM clients and normal connection rates and tariffs will be applicable

Sewer purification:

An onsite sewer purification plant will be established for the development. The purified water will be used to irrigate the golf course.

Waste disposal:

A waste removal service will be conducted by the Thabazimbi Municipality, alternatively by a waste removal contractor who will render the service to the Home Owners Association

Roads and storm water drainage:

All roads will be tarred and storm water channelled to the various dams to be constructed on the golf course.